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Army Tactical Missile Systems to Ukraine

Calling on the Biden administration to immediately provide Army Tactical Missile Systems to Ukraine. H.Res.488

 Army Tactical Missile Systems to Ukraine
    Whereas the Russian Federation’s brutal and unprovoked war of aggression continues to cause death and destruction across Ukraine, wreaking a massive human and economic cost on Ukraine;

    Whereas, following the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, the Government of Ukraine has been requesting long-range missiles, including the nearly 200-mile-range Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), from its partners to be able to strike key Russian logistics nodes, command and control posts, and other high-value military targets deeper into occupied territory that are currently out of reach;

    Whereas the United States has yet to fulfill this request from the Government of Ukraine out of stated concerns about escalating the conflict and cutting too deeply into United States stockpiles;

    Whereas the United Kingdom’s provision to the Government of Ukraine of “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles, with a similar range of over 155 miles, was met with no significant response from the Russian Federation, and provided the Ukrainian military with a vital long-range strike capability;

    Whereas the Government of France announced it will provide long-range missiles, reportedly the 155-mile range SCALP–EG cruise missile, the French variant of the Storm Shadow, to the Government of Ukraine;

    Whereas the United States and allied countries collectively possess thousands of ATACMS that could be transferred to Ukraine and fired from the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems that the Government of Ukraine already operates;

    Whereas the Russian Federation’s arsenal of long-range missiles largely outranges and outnumbers the weapons systems that the Government of Ukraine possesses, forcing Ukrainian forces to fight at a significant disadvantage; and

    Whereas, reportedly many of the Iranian-made drones that devastated Ukrainian civilian infrastructure over the winter of 2022–2023 were based in the illegally occupied Crimean Peninsula, which would be in range of ATACMS: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

    (1) calls on the United States to immediately provide Army Tactical Missile Systems to Ukraine in sufficient quantity to hasten Ukraine’s victory against Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression while still maintaining United States military readiness;

    (2) calls on United States allies and partners to transfer similar systems to Ukraine;

    (3) expresses concern that the delay in the provision of this critical weapon system could prolong the war; and

    (4) expresses belief that the expeditious provision of this critical weapon system will provide the Ukrainian military with a critical deep-strike capability they currently lack, disrupt Russia’s warfighting ability, and could hasten Ukraine’s victory.
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