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Your donations will help Ukraine directly as our people are paving the way to total freedom and independence. Ukrainians have been fighting for a corruption-free society and a country that is free of Russia's tight grip. Resources listed here ensure that your donations will go towards Ukraine war relief, humanitarian relief, veteran support and post-war rebuilding.​Please note, Cactus and Tryzub is not a non-profit organization and does not accept donations directly. 

Every Dollar Donated Brings Ukraine Closer to Victory

No donation is too small.  There are many different ways one can support Ukraine's road to freedom. Organizations listed below are vetted and well established charities fundraising for humanitarian relief as well as army support. Please note, US-based charities will have the  501(c)3 status where applicable, charities based in Ukraine - will not.

Razom Logo.png

NY-based non-profit involved in advocacy, fundraising and cultural preservation. Razom for Ukraine is the preferred fundraising beneficiary of Cactus and Tryzub  501(c)3


A grassroots, entirely volunteer-based organization and great working relationships with other Ukrainian NGOs, hospitals, and organizations. Trusted partners in American suppliers and logistical companies which enables quick delivery of help to where it's needed most. 501(c)3

HUCUS is a partner of the global volunteer network Help Ukraine Center, which is one of the biggest hubs of humanitarian aid in Eastern Europe. HUCUS team is also committed to keeping Ukraine in a spotlight through strategic partnerships.


Dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine in support of their fundamental human rights and medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers. 501(c)3

DIgnitas logo.jpeg

Your donation helps save precious lives of those serving on the front lines. Dignitas volunteers secure drones, communication devices and training for the military. This veteran and women-led NGO works closely with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Strong mission of Central Park Angels is centered around grass roots efforts and lending a helping hand to those in need. Projects include Ukraine war relief and Haiti post-earthquake support. 501(c)3

Come Back alive.png

A Ukrainian charity supporting soldiers and veterans


Emergency medical equipment for responders and frontline fighters in Ukraine

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