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Support Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

One simple way to support Ukrainian small and large business is to... you guessed it! Buy Ukrainian stuff. Below are a few accessible and easy suggestions to support Ukrainian talent


Etsy hosts a vast number of Ukrainian artists, entrepreneurs, digital savants and collectors.  You can easily filter Ukrainian subscribers on Etsy by where they ship from. Etsy also has taken steps to create a curated Ukrainian artist selection. Happy shopping!

Volodymyr Chorniy and Petro Pavlikha with the help of their talented team have created a curated list of more than 100 Ukrainian brands that were forced to stop working in Ukraine due to Russian invasion in 2022. Their mission is to preserve these brands, provide jobs and support employees and their families. You can help by ordering a mystery box and be surprised with bestsellers from hand-selected Ukrainian brands. Catalogue shopping functionality is also in the works.

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Vyshyvanka Day

Ukrainian embroidery is where second-to-none craftsmanship finds color, beauty and spirit. Carefully needled onto canvas to tell a story, embroidery is the essence of Ukrainian culture designed to be worn with pride and cherished.

Smart Speaker

Fueled by "We Don't Need a Ride" attitude, this curated collection of businesses came together during the war of 2022 as a powerful showcase of Ukrainian talent. From gadgets to productivity, fashion to lifestyle - the list is impressive. Check it out and shop Ukraine!

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businesses in the United States

Support Ukrainians abroad

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